• Prohibition Paradox

    Prohibition Paradox

  • Frits Bolkestein (VVD):

    Frits Bolkestein (VVD):

    "Red het land, sta drugs toe. Opheffen verbod soft- en harddrugs bespaart miljarden"

Drug Peace Now!

The Legalize! Foundations (Stichting Legalize!) basic goal is to promote the debate about drugpolicy. We believe that policy can not be based on illegality. The foundations focuses on the rights and needs of drugusers, producers and society as a whole. Regulate, tax and educate the use of drugs ASAP and the world will see that a lot of big problems will vanish in no-time.

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Legalize ontvangt geen subsidie, dus maken wij dankbaar gebruik van donaties van onze sponsoren:

26 juni seminar Future of Drugs Policing

Support. Don't Punish. campaign in Amsterdam is aiming to envision future drug policy scenarios, this time focusing on law enforcement. >

Legalizing from within the lion's den

Legalize brand new board member Aleksi Hupli participated as a civil society representative at the 63rd session of the Commission on Narcotic... >

Wednesday june 26: Steve Rolles on cocaine legalization

More and more people are convinced that regulated legalisation is the only way to tackle the international drug problem. It is time to look into... >

Moet Nederland een politiestaat worden? De Politieacademie vindt van wel

‘Nederland produceert voor een straatwaarde van bijna 20 miljard euro aan synthetische drugs’, kopt de Volkskrant . Dat getal is niet alleen... >

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