26 June 2019: Steve Rolles on cocaine legalization

More and more people are convinced that regulated legalisation is the only way to tackle the international drug problem. It is time to look into the future to look what regulated models could look like.�

On Wednesday 26thof June 2019 we dived into probably the most difficult substance and its regulatory model: coca and its derivatives. Although repression is high, cocaine gets delivered quicker than pizza. Cartels flourish and so does addiction. Are there alternatives to tackle this issue effectively and humanely?

The Dutch version of the Global day of Action in 2019 was divided into two parts: On Dam Square there was an interactive #Yogasniffing session which was reported by AT5: https://www.at5.nl/artikelen/195085/yogasnuivers-demonstreren-op-de-dam-adem-uit-snuif-in

In the evening,Thijs Roes guided a panel with Steve Rolles(Transform UK), Pien Metaal (TNI) and professor Wim van den Brink. Together with the audience we made first declarations for a roadmap on alternative approaches for this controversial plant and its alkaloid.


Recording of the panel is here: https://youtu.be/7YDei7kpdOM


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