In 1997, the Legalize! foundation organised a musical demonstration where Mainly underground ravers guided the protests against the worldwide policy on drugs.
This street rave was the answer of Legalize! during the EU summit ( EU Summit ) in Amsterdam in 1997 .

Amsterdam was – and still is – known as the “drugs” capital of Europe. To continuously putting pressure on this subject and to keep the policy, or at least tolerated use protected and untouched, Legalize! had to take action on this occasion.

A mixed group of enthusiastic ravers, political potheads and engaged people made ​​a mad cooperation and realized fortress in Amsterdam a fantastic and loud demonstration for the Legalization of drugs in Europe.

The day ended up in a big house party near the Central Station. And so it happened, that this yearly tradition was born.
From this tradition Legalize! grew to what it is today: a board; a ’think tank’ with 24 Respected drug-related organizations; a monthly “War on Drugs journal” with almost 800 members; approx. 20 breaking news events and a huge ( inter) national network in the upper & underground .Legalize! does an incredible amount of work to change the actual thinking of the world.

It seemed to be in everybody’s genes ’n veins that drugs are bad; Our message? Drug policy is even worse, only making the problems bigger.