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Home Sweet Home

Hurrah! After the street rave we had to leave our office immediately. We stashed our [...]

Vollunteers-party coming up soon!

Hi there, all you volunteers who helped during the Legalize! street rave a couple of [...]

Petition to change failing UN drug policies

The drugwar is very much a global thing and needs a global attack.... This doesn't come [...]

message 2 all volunteers

Since we were not able to do it in these last chaotic hours, we would [...]

Police makes excuse

Last Monday, the Amsterdam police made their excuses in the article on page 2 in [...]

Street Rave in de pers

Telegraaf: Straatparade voor vrije drugs AMSTERDAM - Een bonte stoet van 12-15 duizend dansende jongeren en blowende [...]

Toespraakje D.C. Lama bij opening Street Rave

Het is tijd voor een ander drugsbeleid. Daarom demonstreren wij hier voor het 8ste achtereenvolgende [...]

Un4gettable Legalize! festival

Tired and sad 12.000 -150 invested a lot for a great time. --> THNX!!!! Right [...]

Plan of Legalize! event

Here's the line up for the event after the street rave. This is NOT the [...]

Raymond K. draait een half uurtje langer!

Raymond K. zal aanstaande zaterdag een half uurtje langer draaien. Hij begint dan ook al [...]

Legalize Rules!

He yo people on the highway! Of course, the crew lives in a continues state [...]

Project space

Legalize! is in absolute desperate need of a new office! We would like to move [...]

Out Now: Legalize! CD

Right now 27 soundsystems are listed going to participate in the street rave. 13 [...]

We want u!

A demonstration through the IJ-tunnel is like organising an extra festival. It will be worth [...]

Just what we needed: Legalize! benefit party

2 everyone who was @ last Saturday's Legalize! benefit party: thnx for your support! Especially [...]

Wicked Legalize! manifestation in The Hague

Last Mondag it was the MMM. 153 cities worldwide held rallies and protests against the [...]

XTC DJ Raymond K.

Stichting Legalize! and Raymond himself are very happy that DJ RAYMOND K. is to open [...]


Legalize! moedigt cannabisrokers aan wietzaadjes te planten Met een ballonnenactie bij het Haagse Binnenhof zal [...]

IJ tunnel open!

We hebben sedert vanmorgen vergunning toestemming om bij de eerst volgende street rave van legalize!, [...]