message 2 all volunteers

Since we were not able to do it in these last chaotic hours, we would like to say thanx 2 to all our volunteers! Roses, tulips, kisses and special applause 4: Aad, Albedine, Angela, Angus, Anne-Wil, Arina, Arjan, Arthur, August, Bart, Bas, Wappie, Bernadette, Bob, Brigitte, Ceriel, Celine, Coolen, Daan, Daan, Daantje, Dave, David, Dennis, Deborah, Edith, Eefje, De Mensen Van De EHBO, Erik, Erl, Esther, Fleur, Frans, Gideon, Guy, Govinda, Has, Henric, Hilde, Henriette, Humphrey, Huw, Ido, Ivo, Iris, J.P., Jamy, Jay, Jeffrey, Jessica, Job, John, Joost, Jort, Jos, Joyce, Judith, Kees, Lama, Lex, Lara, Lars, Leendert, Lennert, Lion, Lindsey, Leon, Lucky, Luuc, Maarten, Margot, Marike, Marinella, Marion, Martin, Mas, Max, Michael, Michiel, Miguel, Nathalie, Pascal, Patrick, Paul, Paul, Pete, Peter, Peter, Peter, Peter, Philip, Pieter, Rael, Rense, Rika, Roland, Ronald, Roger, Ruben, Ruud, Sabine, Sarah, Sander, Sander, Sebastian, De mensen van Streetforce & Workforce , Ronald, Simon, Sjaak, Sjoerd, Sjors, Stef, Sven, Tamar, Tanja, Urban, Vincent, Wicky, Wilko, Willem-Jan, Moontje, Cindy, Giovanni, Victor, Jasper and of course tha brave boyz and grrlz of the security team! Yes, we make mistakes because we are only human, if u are not on this list, u will not be invited for our special volunteers’ party (following soon) if we happened 2 forget u, please let us know! Mail: Dear volunteers: without u: NO legalize! We say thanx in name of the Legalize! crew and all (-200) visitors. P.S. There will be a massive thanxsparty 4u, and we have our marvelous CD waiting for u here. We do not have phone numbers and email addresses of all of u, so u might not be notified… get in touch with Bernadette Rense: