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The idea of legalizing drugs can only become reallity if enough people know what drugs are and do.

Just say know! There is no other such a multidisciplinary subject than drugs-studies. At this moment it is only possible to study little parts of the discipline such as criminology, chemistry, psychology, etc.. But not for long! We are pleased to let you know that the study for Alcohol, Drugs and Addiction will be held at the International School for Humanities and Social Sciences of the Universiteit van Amsterdam from July 8- 20, 2007. The Summer Institute offers students of various disciplines and professions a great opportunity to advance their knowledge in the field of addiction studies in an international environment. The Institute is an intensive two-week summer programme that seeks to provide an interdisciplinary approach to the study of addiction and to promote opportunities for international networking among participants. The Institute welcomes individuals with a focused interest in addiction research and treatment, Master’s and PhD students, NGO staff working on addiction-related issues, professionals in human services, practitioners, and advocates. There are NFP fellowships available for Summer Institute participants from 57 selected countries. For more information, see http://www.nuffic.nl/nfp/ and click "fellowships for short courses". We expect a 2007 class of approximately 15-20 students. The Institute’s classes are intensive small group seminars with discussions, excursions, faculty lectures and guest lectures by prominent people in the field. The scientific director is Helen Levine, and this year’s faculty includes Dennis McCarty, Janhuib Blans, Lala Ashenberg Straussner, and Mirjam Schieveld. Applications must be addressed to the Universiteit van Amsterdam at the address below. You can visit our web site http://www.ishss.uva.nl/addiction for further information or to download an application form. Please feel free to share this information.