Press Release: Programme and route Legalize! are known

The end demonstration was banned, there was way too much hassle about the demonstration route, the office of Legalize! and the

The end demonstration was banned, there was way too much hassle about the demonstration route, the office of Legalize! and the MDHG were suddenly closed down and the Municipality of Amsterdam seemed to go out of its way to make this year’s Legalize! impossible… But we’re back. Drugs do not belong in criminal law and the consequences of the war on drugs are much too serious to have some civil servants throw a spanner in the works. This Saturday, Legalize! presents its annual streetrave for the ninth time, and with a chockablock programme: the eighteen soundsystems and various speakers and performances will start at 13.00 hrs at the Amstel Station in Amsterdam. The central theme of this year’s streetrave is the legalisation of cannabis. For Legalize! is happy to inform politicians in times like these how they can easily narrow the gap with their citizens. The majority of the population has been in favour of legalising cannabis for absolutely ages, and Europe does not have any difficulty with this either. At the start of the streetrave, the right to the legal use of cannabis will be discussed from various angles: Alan Dronkers of Hempflax will talk about the industrial use of this plant and the problems he has encountered cultivating this environment-friendly crop. Gerde Zwaan of Stichting Patiëntenbelangen Medische Marihuana (Foundation for Patients Interests in Medical Marihuana) and Actiegroep Cannabis als Medicijn (Action Group Cannabis as Medicine) will then talk about the medicinal use of marihuana and the Government’s attempts to make this impossible. Singer Armand will perform as recreational user, along with the singer John Sinclair (member of the THC Ministry and immortalised in the Beatles number It ain’t fair, John Sinclair. In the stir for breathing air) as a spiritual user. There will also be performances by D.C. Lama and Macro, who will bring their protest songs against extraditing drug suspects to the United States and speeches by Freek Polak of the Stichting Drugsbeleid (Drug Policy Foundation), Willem Vugs of De Achterdeur (The Backdoor) and Joep Oomen of Encod (European Coalition for Just and Effective Drug Policies). Oomen will, amongst other things, talk about the European drug policy and the role that the Netherlands play in this policy. Participating soundsystems: Chronic soundz (BE); Helderder (NL) ; Dutchtechno (NL) ; EVEC (NL) Techno; 12" House (NL) ; High Five - House Nation (NL) : Tossers (UK) : SONICS Cybertribe Network (EU) together with Pottdemo (DU); Back-A-Wall movement (NL) :Stichting Legalize! (NL);Cannabis College Amsterdam; MDHG ; Hanfparade (DE); Evert de Verdamper; Unity; Extreme colour; MMore! The route: Station Amstel – Julianaplein – Hugo de Vrieslaan – Wethouder Frankeweg – Galileiplantsoen – Archimedesdweg – Molukkenstraat – Zeeburgerdijk – Oostenburgergracht – Wittenburggracht – Kattenburgergracht – Kattenburgerplein Expected end time: 17.00 hrs.

3 juni 2005