Legalize banner/nPlace this banner on your website if you support us ! (it is an animated GIF file in the standard banner size. (Make sure you make the link to


flyer spread the seed/nthe flyer for may 3th '04. Drawings by Mr. D.C.Lama. the download is a printable version. copy, cut and spread it yourself!

flyer a5.pdf

flyer/poster2007/nDe flyer van de eerste Drugs Info Dag. PDF formaat

fouten paddoverbod p 1.jpg

Brief Bohler en van der Plas advocaten/nBlz 1 van de brief van advocate Adèle van der Plas in zake het verbod op 189 soorten paddestoelen

fouten paddoverbod p 2.jpg

Brief Bohler en van der Plas advocaten II/nBlz 2 van de brief van advocate Adèle van der Plas in zake het verbod op 189 soorten paddestoelen

jingle legalize.mp3

jingle 2005/nmaby this works better than tha zip file

Jingle!/nJingle for Legalize 2004 ! Download and distribute freely......


gewoon Legalize!/n

Legalize! logo/nZiplogo of Legalize!


Jingle 2006/nJingle gemaakt door Lesley


160 x 45 4KB

stickercampagne 2013

the original logos of Legalize!/nIllustrator files for those who would like to make things sharp. Design of the roadsign by SuuS. The Legalize! logo is trademarked by Legalize!. Usage is possible but only for tha good cause!, Let us know if u want 2 use it, since it makes us proud!


Van blowen wordt je stoned/nresolutie 2200x2354 pixels jpg afbeelding van een pakje joints met officiele waarschuwing

poster 2006 .jpg

160 x 228 13KB

Poster 2006/nmade by Error


160 x 160 6KB

Flyer street rave 2003/nfront&back stite of the 2004 street rave flyer, also made by 310K


Poster 4 juni 05/nBrilliant posterdesign By


jpeg logo/njpeg logo of this years Legalize!. Design by Meesdesign. u can grab it if u use your right mousebutton --> save target as