about Legalize

Legalize! was founded to draw attention to the problems that most current drug policies have. Drugs should not be included in the Penal Law system, but relate more appropriately to Health and Product Laws. Want to read more? Start here: manifesto: 15 reasons why drugs should be legalized.
manifesto: 6 reasons why drugs should be legalized (in 7 languages).
The official goal of our foundation is to legalize drugs to make proper regulation possible.

We know that current drug policies are not working and we are finding better ways to fight for the legalisation of marijuana use. Solutions that we, and our think-tank, agree with:

• The removal of drugs from the penal system as the foundation for any good drugs policy. You can’t base policy on illegality.
• Giving Factual drugs information which is more important than drugs prohibition based on old fashioned fear.
• Separation of cannabis from other drugs. The Dutch coffee shop policy works, except for the back-door policy which creates problems because of its illegal status.
• Industrial hemp to protect our polluted earth, it is one of the most sustainable, renewable rescources.
• Drugs policy based on giving drugs information and harm-reduction • making a ‘user quantity’ legal.
• legalisation of producing/growing for yourself and to buy your drugs on prescriptions with instructions and a detailed list of ingredients.
• A multi-disciplinary, 4 year college course, focusing on psychotropic substances across the whole drugs-related spectrum should exist.
• Legalisation of all natural substances such as coca leaf, marihuana, mushrooms, etc.
• Stop the war on drugs!
We are discussing these issues with all our friends and organisations; we are open to any opinons. Drug policy NEEDS to change!